$SuperBabyCake is the ultimate $Cake reward token. All dividend yield is paid in the PancakeSwap native token $Cake. This is automatically allocated to your wallet just for holding $SuperBabyCake. The more you hold the more you earn!

Auto Liquidity

Every transaction is charged 3%, which in turn is added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool. This helps with the stability of the coin as its traded.

Auto Pay

$CAKE is automatically sent to your wallet once the threshold of trading is met. This usually occurs every 60 mins.

$CAKE Redistribution

8% of a trade value is taxed and redistributed to holders. The highest rate paid of any $CAKE reward token. A minimum of 150,000 tokens is needed.

Auto Marketing

Every transaction is charged 5% towards marketing, no project succeeds without this. This fee will not be paid in $SBC to avoid any unnecessary negative price impact.

Auto Anti Whale

This 1% fee is applied to all sell orders. Helping to stop whales from controlling price and causing selling pressure.

Locked Liquidity and Audit

Liquidity will be locked after the DXsale and Audits from both Certik and Techrate will be completed.

SuperBabyCake Phase One

✅ Conceptualize SuperBabyCake
✅ Launch website
✅ Release Whitepaper
✅ Design branding
✅ Create social accounts
✅ Awareness campaign
✅ 500 Telegram members

SuperBabyCake Phase Two

✅ PooCoin Ads
✅ 2500 Telegram members
✅ DexGuru Trending
✅ CoinSniper

SuperBabyCake Phase Three

✅ Influencers
❌ Coingecko
❌ CoinMarketCap
❌ User Dashboard
❌ 5000 Telegram members

SuperBabyCake Phase Four

❌ Bigger Influencers
❌ Integrated Swap
❌ SuperBabyCake War game
❌ 10000 Telegram members

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